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Time to put it all together, except you are missing one
little thing, the gold and brass top for the base.
This one I will have to give you.
I tried and tried to draw it from scratch,
and could not manage to get it right, yet.
So after scanning and modifying it I will give it to you.

cg_top1.gif         cg_top2.gif

Save these two images to your hard drive.
(Right click image, save as, choose a filename)
Take each one into PaintShopPro, Press SHIFT + D to bring up a copy of them.
Now you will need to change to 16 million colours, as these are gif files.
We need them with transparent backgrounds for pasting into finished image.

Open a new image, 200 x 480, transparent background.
Open the Layer Palette and add 4 more layers.
Name each layer to look like this

Now you need to open all your graphics that you saved in PSP form.

Copy and paste the base first. I do this as new selection as I already have my layer palette set. Then I go to Select and none. Position the base at the bottom of your image.
Next is your top gif 1 image. Position it on the top of the base as you would screw it on to an Oil Lamp.

Next is your Smoke Stack. You can go right over the top gif 1 image, you will see why in the next step.

Now take your Top gif 2 and line it up with Top gif 1.

As you can see this goes over the smoke stack.

You can now move everything around and resize what needs to be.
When you have everything the way you like it, Press SHIFT+D
to bring up a new picture and save.
I always save the orignal in PSP in case I need it, like to write this tutorial.

And there you have it


We appreciate hearing from you, how you like or dislike this tutorial.

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