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I drew everything except the "top",
gold holder, in PaintShopPro5.
The "top", I scanned and then modified in PaintShopPro5.
Therefore, variations in PSP6 and PSP7
are up to you to try on your own.

We are going to walk through making the smoke stack of your oil lamp first. For this all you need is
PaintShopPro and your lil mouse.
You will NEED EyeCandy4000 for the effects that I have done. I KNOW of NO other way to do this, right now.

1. Open new image, 300 x 400 with transparent background.
Go to your Layer Palette and Add new layer.

2. Draw top opening of smoke stack as shown in picture.

3. Copy and paste as new layer for the bottom opening.
It doesn't matter how far down you place it right now,
but do line it up with the top. Mine start at (101,78) which
you can see in the status bar at the left, lower corner of your screen.

4. Add New Layer. With line tool, settings:
line type=Bezier
width= 1
Antialias unchecked
draw a line from the top opening down until it feels a comfortable length for the neck to you. My Status Bar reads ( 101, 186). About midway up click to make your arch.

5.The easiest way to make the other side to match, is to just copy the first one and paste as new selection. Go to Image and click on Mirror to turn it around for the right side. Then line it up with the opening and set it in to match the other side. And there is your neck.

6. Use the same process to make the body of the smoke stack. As in picture below.

7. We need to square in the base with the bottom opening. New layer, draw a line from the base to the opening, on both sides.

8. As you can see the bottom opening fits because I have already done the next step. turn off everything but the "squared in" and "bottom opening" layers.
Your Layer box should be looking like this by now.

With the bottom layer active, click the deformation tool and it will form a box around the bottom opening, now you can resize to fit into the box.

And there you have your smoke stack outline.
Now we have to give it some character. I use a recipe I learned from Mahoganys glass bowl tutorial for the next step.

1. Click on Selection tool and click anywhere outside the smoke stack.

2. Go to Sections and Select Invert

3. Go to Image, Effects and Drop Shadow, use settings in graphic below.

4. Do this again with the following settings this time

5. Go to Selections and Invert
6. Go to Image and Blur

7. Or what looks good to you.

8. Go to Image, Plug In Filters, EyeCandy 4000, and Select Glass and then Snow.
Bevel Width= 14.40;  Smoothness = 100
Bevel Placement= Inside marque;  Edge darkening= 40
Gradient Shading= 50;  Refraction= 50
Opacity% = 60;  Tinting%= 40
Glass Colour= White

You can play with the Settings to get your own effects.

10. Go to Selections, Select None, and Save as Smoke Stack in PSP form
to insert into our Oil Lamp.

Lets turn the page to make our Base.